China CNC Machine Tools came to a close, the stand of B+Z was productive

China CNC Machine Tools came to a close, the stand of B+Z was productive

2016-03-14 11:44:37  350

"Asia-Pacific Exhibition of Materials Handling, Automation Technology, Transport Systems & Logistics (CeMAT ASIA), one of the largest international exhibitions in the Asian materials handling and logistics technology industry, with the theme of" Smart, Integrated and Efficient ", was held from October 27-30 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. It brought together 490 logistics elite enterprises and portrait interpretations of advanced logistics technology and products on the exhibition area with nearly 40,000 square meters.

Meanwhile, this fire was divided into eight theme pavilions: System integration and Solutions, Conveyor Equipment, Automatic Guided Van, Forklifts and Accessories, Freight Forwarding and Accessories, Pallet and Shelf, Automatic Identification and Machine Vision, Logistics Robot. It provides an opportunity for many domestic and foreign brands to expand the logistics market.

As a professional package solutions provider for domestic large-scale logistics packaging system, B + Z showed the world's leading anti-rust products and professional, advanced packaging materials and technology. At the same time, customized services and reasonable packaging program of B+Z were also a highlight of this show. With 11 categories, more than 1,000 kinds of packaging materials and according to the customer's packaging needs, B+Z provides the most appropriate packaging design Program to minimize the packaging cost of customers to meet their packaging needs. B+Z actually showed only some of the packaging machinery products onsite, attracting professional visitors from home and abroad to come to the consultation.

In the context of the continuous development of the global economy, the exhibition fully understands the market demand for flexible and innovative logistics systems, builds platform for exhibitors and concerns about business users and professional buyers and provides the best space for trade and cooperation for the market.