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Aus nachwachsendem Rohstoff

From renewable raw materials

Unlike fossil raw materials, products from renewable raw materials such as wood, for example, renew themselves within a reasonable time through reforestation, for instance.

Recycelbares Material

Recyclable material

Recyclable products are those whose various basic components can be separated in order to be used for the manufacture of new products.

Thermisch recycelbares Material


Compostable products are products from organic material that can be put back into the biosphere through decomposition.


Made from recycled material

These products are not made from new raw materials but from materials that have already been recycled.

 Hergestellt aus recyceltem Material


Reusable products are not disposed of directly after use but used again one or several times for the same or another purpose.



These products help reduce the amount of waste generated thanks to their environmentally-friendly components.