“Packing, Protection, Secure”                                



“Packing, Protection, Secure”, B+Z as one of the largest packing traders in China we supply thousands of customers with professional packing solutions.                

As the only Chinese co-operation partner of BRANOpac Germany, the largest VCI corrosion protection products manufacturer in Europe, we sell the BRANOpac to products on the Chinese market and also offer technical services. In addition, we work with the largest packing trader in Europe (Brangs+Heinrich). This cooperation makes it possible to offer outstanding and innovative packing materials and technologies from Europe in order to serve Chinese customers to their full satisfaction.                



B+Z particularly pays attention to quality, price-performance- ratio, adherence to delivery dates and perfect service. The competent and complete system consultation is our strength. B+Z does not only sell packaging means, but also suitable packing concepts, which may help our customers to real added value.                

Due to our cutting and processing plants and our own CAD-packing development, we are able to offer customised packing solutions. More and more customers from more and more industries show confidence to us: i.e. from electro-technics, the machine and automotive manufacturer, from the furniture industry or the tool construction, from handicraft, Industry, wholesale and retail.                


We offer a wide selection of products from more than 1.000 articles of more than 11 ranges. Do you know that you can drop a television from two meters height, without breaking it? That it is possible to fill a parcel with six tons of heavy materials? That you are able to send very susceptible cast irons through several climate zones around half the world, without having it rust? Presupposed you use our know-how.