B+Z attended Automechanika Shanghai 2016

B+Z attended Automechanika Shanghai 2016

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BRANObox is a corrosion protection emitter that is head and shoulders above earlier VCI emitters when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness. The break-proof plastic box contains a specially developed “VCI pleat” for fast and secure corrosion protection with a long-lasting depot effect.
BRANObox, as a VCI emitter, not only offers reliable corrosion protection but above all a clean and simple solution for transport and storage. BRANObox does away with the kind of dust particles or residue on components that are often associated with emitters containing VCI powders or VCI tablets.
Even the particle leakage problem caused by the breakage of the VCI products or desiccant bags in the packaging can be solved by using BRANObox.
BRANObox comes with self-adhesive magic stick, so its use is very flexible and convenient and can be used almost anywhere.
To meet different needs, we currently have two models:
1) BRANObox R has been optimized for protecting ferrous metals, steel and cast iron (both when in contact with the goods and at a distance). They also offer reliable protection against corrosion for chrome, tin and pure aluminium.
2) BRANObox U has been optimised for protecting ferrous metals, steel and non-ferrous metals such as zinc, chrome, copper, brass, bronze, pure aluminium and tin. They also offer reliable protection for cast iron when in direct contact.
According to the size of the protection space, we also provide three different specifications:
Product Specification
ProtectionVolumeProduct Dimensions
BRANObox 100100 L70 x 50 x 22 mm
BRANObox 200200 L140 x 50 x 22 mm
BRANObox 400400 L140 x 100 x 22 mm
Diversified specifications can meet your requirements for different sizes of products.
BRANObox has  the following advantages:
  1. No residue on the surface of the work piece

  2. No leakage of particles causes pollution

  3. Can be used flexibly in packaging

  4. Low requirement for external packing 

  5. Need not be cleaned, can be used directly

  6. High efficiency and rapid economic efficiency

  7. Fully customizable solutions

  8. Harmless to the human body

  9. Environmental, free of grease and fat

  10. Simple recycling processing


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