Rust prevention solutions for engine flywheels

Rust prevention solutions for engine flywheels

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The flywheel is between the engine and the transmission, and has the role of stabilising the speed, transferring power and protecting the transmission. Single-mass flywheel structure is relatively simple, although the role of energy storage, speed stabilisation, but the jitter is large, the impact on the transmission is also larger. The emergence of dual-mass flywheel is a good solution to these problems, but the structure has also become complex, and the requirements for rust prevention have also become higher.

The rust prevention requirement of single mass flywheel is relatively low, focusing on the protection of the gear ring, which is connected to the starter gear, and after rusting, there will be starting difficulties, rattling and other problems. Dual-mass flywheel generally consists of the first mass, planetary gears, damping springs, the second mass, connecting discs, flywheel shells, balancing blocks, etc. The materials are roughly divided into two categories: cast iron and spring steel, which are easy to rust. Dual-mass flywheel of a number of places is the working surface, are not allowed to have corrosion, which makes it more difficult to prevent rust.


To protect the springs and planetary gears, grease is added inside the dual mass flywheel. Because the flywheel is working in a confined space, it is understandable if antirust oil is applied to the surface, and this type of antirust method was mostly used before, but with the national emphasis on environmental protection and the improvement of people's awareness of health, the use of antirust oil has been greatly reduced, and now gas-phase antirust products are commonly used. This is a new type of antirust technology, the product can volatilise antirust gas, which is adsorbed on the metal surface to separate the rust-causing oxygen molecules and water molecules from the metal, thus preventing rusting. Compared with antirust oil, gas phase rust prevention has the advantages of cleanliness, high efficiency, environmental protection and low cost.


B+Z  solution for dual mass flywheel rust protection is to wrap the flywheel fully in Brano R VCI paper, seal it with a normal plastic bag and place it in a cardboard box. Alternatively, the flywheels can be packaged only in M-type VCI bags, also in a cardboard box. These two types of packaging generally provide 3-6 months of rust protection. If a longer period of protection is required, the amount of material used can be increased, for example, by increasing the grammage of the paper or the thickness of the anti-corrosion bag, and also by reusing desiccant.

B+Z has been focusing on the R&D and application of gas-phase antirust technology for more than ten years, and has a mature and complete product system, with successful cases of antirust packaging in many fields such as automotive, machinery, metallurgy, energy, shipbuilding, aerospace and so on.