Packaging solutions for large format presses

Packaging solutions for large format presses

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Modern printing presses are generally made up of metal components such as plate loading, inking, embossing, paper feeding and folding. As the whole machine itself is of high value, rusting can cause great damage and therefore rust protection packaging for such large machines is essential.

VCI is a science of corrosion protection by applying vapour phase corrosion inhibitor technology. The vapour phase corrosion inhibitor VCI can continue to slowly vapourise and volatilise the corrosion inhibiting gas at room temperature and adsorb it on the bare metal surface, forming a stable protective film of one to two molecules thick, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of metals by oxygen, moisture and other environmental atmospheres. As VCI is continuously volatile, it can always be in a "saturated" state in a closed space, thus achieving long-term, stable and excellent rust prevention.


Anti-rust aluminium foil material + desiccant


Impervious to water

Can be vacuumed

Good physical properties

Good sealing properties

Combines vapour phase rust and moisture resistance

Low dosage of desiccant


Rustproof bag + rustproof sheet + desiccant


Low cost



A simple quasi-seal provides better protection against rust

The package allows for a short opening

Controlled amount of VCI

Easy packaging operation

At present, the application form of oil-free rust-proof packaging is a comprehensive packaging method that integrates VCI technology and dry air technology, while taking into account the harmonisation of the inner and outer packaging to complement each other.

Inner packaging (rust proof packaging, protective packaging) Function:


Provides effective protection against rust on rust-prone surfaces

Provides effective physical protection to general surfaces

Overpack (transport packaging) Features:


Meeting the structural and strength requirements for transport, loading and unloading

Has good water resistance

Effective protection for inner packaging

Provide effective stopping measures for packaging parts