【New Product】BRANObox VCI-Emitter

【New Product】BRANObox VCI-Emitter

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Q1: What is VCI? Just a plastic bag, a piece of kraft paper, has it anti-rust effect?

V=Volatile C=Corrosion I=Inhibitors

VCI is a volatile corrosion inhibitor.


VCI active substances continue to volatilize and form appropriate VCI atmospheric

pressure in relatively confined Spaces through its carrier (paper and film etc.)


After reaching the gas saturation, due to the inter-atomic forces between VCI molecules

and metal is greater than that between the water molecules and metal, to supplant

water molecules, the VCI molecules make its adsorption on metal surface and form a

protective layer, to prevent metal from reacting with water molecules, so as to realize

the function of preventing metal corrosion.


VCI can repair damaged protective coating, but it has no repair effect on the corroded

metal surface, only for protection.


VCI active particles can improve the pH value of metal surface and improve its stability.


 Q2: This VCI is so great! And it's not afraid of water, right?

VCI is resistant to water molecules, but when water molecules condense into liquid

water, even black technologies such as VCI is not able to handle that.

Therefore, when our products need to go outside the sea, or need to cross multiple

climatic belts, we still need to use VCI cooperated with the right amount of desiccant to

prevent a large amount of condensate in the packaging.


The outer packing of VCI products can be opened briefly. After the outer packing is

recovered, the protective layer on the metal surface will be repaired due to the

continuous volatilization of the VCI active substance.


Introduced by B+Z industrial packaging into China, 

the most significant VCI product development and manufacturer


has a history dates back to the first world war.


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